If there’s one thing that the four members of Martini Alley know, it’s how to have a good time. Brought together by a lifelong passion for music and performing, these four friends decided it would be fun to break all the cover band rules and play the music they loved to groove to, and knew other people loved to groove to as well.
The result was Martini Alley, a band that gets you up and moving, singing and dancing along to an eclectic mix of hits from the 70s, 80s and 90s, with a few modern surprises in between. All songs are hand-picked by the band themselves, and lovingly arranged with a touch of Martini Alley flair.
Martini Alley is live entertainment at its liveliest and the reputation for their retro cool groove is growing and so is their audience! It’s easy to see why- Martini Alley’s dynamic show engages party-goers and patrons alike, and social media coverage before, during and after the event provides you and your guests even more ways to treasure an unforgettable evening.
Book now to liven up your next party, event, festival or fundraiser, or to get your establishment rocking all night long. Martini Alley’s show promises to bring you the best of retro- minus the shoulder pads, of course.
INFLUENCES: Tears for Fears, Lorde, Chris Isaak, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Nicolette Larson, Soft Cell, The Zutons, Eurthymics, Roisin Murphy, Blondie, Roxy Music, David Bowie and more!


(guitar, vocals)

Paul has been involved with folk, blues, rockabilly, country and pop bands in Europe and Canada since the age of 6. In addition to guitar, he plays accordion, piano and harmonica. To create his unique sound, Paul traded all pedal effects for the clean natural ring of his favourite Hollowbody Gretsch. He uses a combination of picking, strumming and palm muting techniques, inspired by a diverse list of guitar icons, such as Django Reinhardt, John Lee Hooker, Brian Setzer, and Luke Doucet.



Jess has been singing ever since she learned to speak and is excited to make her professional debut with Martini Alley! Her musical inspirations range from the clear-toned vocal styling of Metric’s Emily Haines to the jazzy notes of the late and great Peggy Lee. Although her repertoire is quite eclectic and seemingly random, her musical preferences are very simple to determine: First ask yourself, is this song groovy? If yes, then let’s do it!


(bass, vocals)

Martin has laid down a solid low-end for bands in three countries on two continents. His eclectic taste in music and experience playing a variety of musical genres have allowed Martin to develop his own style that fuses both pop and rockabilly, with just a little bit of funk. With an ear for plucky bass lines and groovy rhythms, Martin enjoys experimenting with alternate arrangements of his favourite retro hits, and unlikely song mash-ups that span both decades and genres.


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